0 0 4 // N U R S I N G

Friday, August 5, 2011
Just something neat I found!  I know I'm slacking, but to be honest this last week at work has really worn me down -- I need a few days of peace!

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0 0 3 // Bad Days

Friday, July 22, 2011
I hate bad days, I hate bad weeks even more.  Thinking that you could have done more, or if I would done something differently, then it would never have happened.  Being in this line of work, I think you automatically take too much to heart and feel personally responsible when things go wrong -- regardless of the outcome.

Being a new nurse, I depend a lot on more seasoned nurse's opinions and insight & unfortunately I'm kind of starting to feel like I can't always 100% trust what they're telling me, and I hate that.

For instance, this week, I trusted that a much more seasoned nurse than I did something correctly.  It was a device that I was not used to at all - we rarely have chest tubes on our floor, and looking back, I guess I should have done more.  Really a case of after sight is always clearer I guess, but it still sucks.  It went through 3 shifts of different nurse's, so obviously I shouldn't feel terrible about it, but I do.  I would assume that I won't get in "trouble", it just sucks.

Situation 2....  my VERY FIRST night all by myself... I had a patient get up all on her own, fall & break her hip.  There really aren't words to describe just how awful I felt about this.  All that's comforting about this, is that time going on, does make you feel better.  And that the scary meeting I had to attend with uppity ups was not that scary - they realize things like this happen... but freaking-a ANOTHER FALL last night! UGH! It's maybe been 3 or 4 months since that last one and it happens AGAIN.  Can I tell you how much it sucks royally that my manager sent out an email talking about the fall and mentions that there are inconsistencies in stories.... what? Excuse me?  I know exactly what happened, it's exactly what I documented.  I have a feeling the stupid roommate of the guy who fell told what he thought happened - so unless the aide completely lied to me about what happened, I have no idea how stories aren't adding up.  And did I mention I am really upset with my manager for sending that to the entire unit, thank you SO much for making me sound incompetent. I do plan on telling her that, hopefully it will come out a bit nicer.

Ugh.  It's day like these, that I don't want to go back to work, ever.
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0 0 2 // Oh Sweet Confusion

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
I'll be honest that having confused patients used to frustrate me to no end.  Lately though, I've been trying my best to take a different approach and not take things so seriously.  Laugh when you can (of course out of their ear shot) and not let the sometimes nasty or crazy things they say bother me! (Not sure why I used to take it to heart, they have NO idea what they're talking about!)

A couple of weeks ago, I was so lucky to have 2 incredibly confused patients, 2 shifts in a row!  In A's defense, she wasn't quite as confused the first day, but her nice like GI procedure cocktail had her crazy out of her mind on day #2.  

These ladies were quite opposites when it came to their confusion.  A refused to use the call light, so anytime anyone passed by her room she was would try her best to lure them in.  While J enjoyed screaming & yelling and calling the nurse's station way more than necessary.

J was insisting that I had her in prison.  That I was "scary" & "mean" -- and of course she just so happens to know someone in law enforcement, she's going to call 911 (good time to unplug that phone!), and that I am going to prison anytime now!  Luckily her daughter informed me that she takes her anti-depressant at bedtime, and that helps her sleep most of the night. 100% god send!  But of course J had the time to call out to "black woman" (aka Mary, CNA), who she promised she'd pay if she helped her escape! (This was a GREAT one to laugh about later on in the evening!)

Then we have A on day#2 - she was pretty happily confused talking with her invisible friends almost the entire night! Insisting that the blankets on her chair were friends and was absolutely AMAZED when I was able to pick them up... so insisted for the rest of the evening I needed to chase her friends out from under her bed too! Ohhhh my, versed & fentanyl -- you really do some people WRONG!

Up Next -- big scary man says he's going to kill you, and you're pretty sure he means it -- but totally forgetting the number we call for emergencies, most likely due to adrenaline levels, AH!
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0 0 1 // Adventures in Nursing

Hi & welcome to my adventures as an RN!

This blog is going to be kept "anonymous" - as are any and all names used in this blog to help retain confidentiality.
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